Rally 5/28

Photo shoot/rally this Sunday 5/28, across London Road from the Duluth Armory, 11:30AM-12:30PM. The Committee for Giant Colossal Statues of Bob Dylan will bring props and gear (incl. t-shirts), although homemade signs are welcome and encouraged. We will also be working on our putting game, “Bob Dylan Lakewalk Putt”. Even if no one shows because you’re all at the cabin or whatever, our mission is simply to get one great pic and hopefully some video. Bob Dylan will be there so hopefully the schism within the movement will not flare up too badly; he doesn’t look too happy about this:

More by Annmarie Geniusz

These came about in the course of this Facebook post where Mary Plaster (an expert on colossality) suggested more statues of Dylan as a child, since he lived in Duluth from age 0-6. Annmarie churned these out like a machine during the conversation:

Annmarie wrote of this one: “I mean, it might interfere with shipping, but it would look GREAT from Enger Tower!”

Mary had suggested “a giant baby blue on top of the Essentia building (he was born at St Mary’s)”, and so:

Annmarie: “I think his ear would make a great spot of a peregrine falcon box. And an ectoplasm green glow to him would make a nice ghosty effect.”

Mary countered saying, “This is cute (especially the color) – but I was thinking like an entire newborn delivered stork style … or even emerging realistically from a vaJJ”.

WITHIN THE HOUR Annmarie produced this:

Annmarie: “And i assume he was born w his full awesome hair & guitar in hand?”

Inese Holte suggested a floating one that could move about the bay. After a lot of brainstorming:

The artist: “Well if it’s a floatie, then I assume its the floatie of choice of Aquaman! (And Sparkley-Steve)”

She is referring to those brave souls who ply the lake in regular-size flamingo floaties.

She followed with a sidewalk chalk version:

There’s a lot of energy and enthusiasm out there people! Let’s stay focused and stay giant colossal! #buildthestatues